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mai 10, 2021


When / Quand :

Friday June 11th AM & Monday June 14th, PM 2021 / Vendredi 11 juin AM & lundi 14 juin PM

Organisers / Organisateurs :

Nicolas Godbout, INTRIQ dir.
Marc Leclair, INTRIQ coord.

nov. 11, 2020

When : November 11 & 12

Online event : 

Organizers : Young INTRIQ researchers in collaboration with the INTRIQ Technological transfer & partnership committee

More information and registration on the IQID 2020 website


nov. 9, 2020


When : Monday-Tuesday, November 9th&10th
Organizers :
     Pr Denis Seletskiy, Polytechnique Montréal
     Pr Louis Salvail, Université de Montréal

Online event 



Institut Transdisciplinaire d'Information Quantique (INTRIQ)

févr. 19, 2013
Posté par : Marc Leclair

Workshop on the Mathematical Methods of Quantum Tomography

February 19-22nd, 2013
Fields Institute
222 College Street

Registration closes Feb. 3, 2013

The objective in quantum tomography is to reconstruct the density matrix of a quantum state using “probes” (theoretical or experimental)...

The density matrix is a generalization of the quantum state vector that evolves following the Schrödinger equation of quantum mechanics. The solution to problems in this field are also of interest beyond the immediate quantum tomographic community as they are essential for a better understanding of quantum information processes and the prospective construction of a quantum computer. The objective of the Workshop is to gather experts and students working in the development and applications of mathematical tools related to quantum tomography and related problems.
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